Fixed a problem with matching function boolean logic.
[java-idp.git] / lib /
2002-11-06 wassaAdding bc jce implementation to the /lib directory...
2002-08-02 wassaUpdating source jars and eclipse config to match recent...
2002-07-27 cantorUpgrading to newer version
2002-06-24 wassaFinished adding ArpUtil unix script.
2002-06-19 wassaAdded source for the Apache Commons Digester.
2002-06-13 wassaMoved ldap.jar so it will be included in war.
2002-06-13 doustiAdd ldap.jar. Needed for AA to access ldap
2002-06-13 wassaChanged xml jars to be a part of the war.
2002-06-11 wassaMoved to Servlet 2.2 spec jar for compatibility with...
2002-06-10 wassaAdded source for xml-security library.
2002-06-06 wassaSynced libraries with OpenSAML
2002-06-06 wassaMoved to new version of xerces
2002-05-28 wassaImporting Handle Service code.