Add RequiredValidUntil filter in to default config
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2008-10-07 lajoieFix bug introduced with previous fix
2008-10-06 lajoieBack out changed related to resource backed metadata...
2008-10-05 putmanbSIDP-229: IdP Metadata changes to KeyDescriptor not...
2008-10-05 putmanbSIDP-230: sanity check provided credentials
2008-10-01 lajoieUpdate release notes to reflect verified fix of SIDP-212
2008-09-30 putmanbSIDP-216: Second of two signed sources of metadata...
2008-09-26 putmanbSIDP-228: Improve error reporting in SAML 2 profile...
2008-09-26 putmanbSIDP-27: Default relying-party.xml has SAML2-specific...
2008-09-22 lajoieFix typo
2008-09-19 lajoieInclude Shib JCE extensions in distribution - SIDP-215
2008-09-19 lajoieAdd optional, but on by default, check to ensure that...
2008-09-19 lajoieDo not take information from request parameters which...
2008-09-16 lajoieAdd version and supported specification information...
2008-09-02 lajoieAdd StoraeService implementaiton that produces events...
2008-08-31 lajoieFix SIDP-222
2008-08-31 lajoieRework authentication and session management code:
2008-07-23 lajoieyeah... save then commit
2008-07-23 lajoieUpdate release notes
2008-06-15 lajoieCreate release notes docs like other projects and popul...
2008-03-03 lajoieUpdate release notes
2008-01-23 lajoieUpdate docs for RC 1 release
2007-11-19 lajoieIdP change log
2007-07-13 cantorUpdated credits.
2007-01-28 lajoieAlign project layout and build files (round 1)
2005-07-21 wassaWe are keeping this info on the website now.
2005-07-21 wassaUpdated to match current installation procedure.
2005-07-21 wassaRemoved stale file. This info should be on the web.
2005-07-21 wassaRev date.
2005-05-25 wassaChanged to spaces.
2005-05-22 cantorUpdated for upcoming release.
2005-05-20 cantorAdded Ian
2005-05-20 wassaRemove stale and mis-named deploy guides.
2005-05-20 wassaStuck howard in the credits file.
2005-05-20 wassaAdded BC.
2005-05-20 wassaInclude BC.
2005-05-20 cantorApache-dictated format
2005-05-20 cantorSwitch to ASF license
2005-05-19 wassaDont' forget to thank those who are helping...
2004-11-22 wassaThanks to Bizti for their public domain utility class.
2004-11-22 wassaThanks to Derek for a patch.
2004-11-02 cantorTweaks for 1.2.1
2004-08-22 cantorFix to Site definition
2004-06-28 ndkAdds info about Coyote/JK2 and Tomcat 5.
2004-05-20 cantorAdded additional warning about security.
2004-05-20 cantorI screwed up the commands I sent to Nate.
2004-05-20 ndkMany many fixes and new object class and CA text.
2004-05-19 ndkUpdates to 1.2; new information requirements, configura...
2004-05-11 ndkDocumented lazy sessions (4.i) and fixed all validation...
2004-05-04 cantorRevised commands again, updated later sections
2004-05-03 ndkFixes to chapter 2.
2004-05-03 ndkGreat suggestions from Steven and Walter.
2004-04-30 cantorAdded target list.
2004-04-30 wassaUpdated for 1.2
2004-04-30 wassaRemove 1.1-related guide.
2004-04-30 ndkIncorporates a number of suggestions from Steven &...
2004-04-27 wassaMore credits.
2004-04-27 wassaRev'd version.
2004-04-27 wassaArgh! No tabs!
2004-04-27 wassaFormatting fix.
2004-04-27 wassaRev'd version number.
2004-04-27 wassaUpdated the credits.
2004-04-27 ndk<AnyResource/> no longer needed in ARP's for 1.2 target...
2004-04-27 ndk<AnyTarget/> no longer needed in ARP's for 1.2 targets.
2004-04-27 cantorRevised 1.e-1.g in concepts section of both docs.
2004-04-27 cantorMailing list correction
2004-04-26 cantorFixed some entries, corrected mailing list and FAQ...
2004-04-26 ndkHopefully nearly final for 1.2; many fixes, corrections...
2004-04-25 cantorRevised config file element descriptions.
2004-04-23 cantorChanges to technical requirement sections and basic...
2004-04-20 ndkCompliance & typo fixes.
2004-04-20 ndkDocuments metadatatool and includes a couple other...
2004-04-16 ndkCorrects an inaccuracy in the mechanics of ARP specific...
2004-04-14 ndkIncorporates Walter's suggestions, a complete origin...
2004-04-10 ndkFirst 1.2 version represents a complete re-write of...
2004-03-18 ndkFirst 1.2 edition represents a complete rewrite and...
2003-12-08 ndkSmall changes & fixes suggested by users.
2003-10-02 ndkChanged shib-support to inqueue-support.
2003-09-22 ndkAdded information about ca-bundle.crt for origins.
2003-09-02 ndkSoftens language in 2.1 for Ken.
2003-08-04 wassaUpdated revision number and date.
2003-07-31 wassaMinor validation fix.
2003-07-31 wassaHTML Validation fixes to origin deploy guide.
2003-07-31 wassaMinor fixes from Steven.
2003-07-31 wassaLatest changes from Steven.
2003-07-31 wassaCopied from /c/doc/.
2003-07-31 wassaCopied from /c/doc/.
2003-07-31 wassaCopied from /c/doc/.
2003-07-31 wassaCopied deploy guides from /c/doc/.
2003-07-31 wassaRev'd version number.
2003-07-31 wassaUpdated for 1.1 .
2003-07-29 wassaAdded upgrade guide. (from Nate)
2003-07-25 wassaLinked to NRCC.
2003-07-25 wassaAdded NRCC license to origin docs.
2003-07-25 wassaAdded Dave to the credits file.
2003-06-19 wassaRev.
2003-06-19 wassaImplemented Bob's latest suggestions.
2003-06-19 wassaFix goofed update.
2003-06-19 wassaMore documentation fixes from Steven.
2003-06-18 wassaMany changes.
2003-06-18 cantorVarious corrections, removing obsolete info.