Add optional, but on by default, check to ensure that IdP session cookie comes from...
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2008-09-02 lajoieAdd StoraeService implementaiton that produces events...
2008-08-31 lajoieFix SIDP-222
2008-01-23 lajoieUpdate docs for RC 1 release
2005-07-21 wassaRev date.
2005-05-22 cantorUpdated for upcoming release.
2005-05-20 wassaAdded BC.
2004-11-22 wassaThanks to Bizti for their public domain utility class.
2004-04-27 wassaRev'd version number.
2003-07-31 wassaRev'd version number.
2003-07-25 wassaLinked to NRCC.
2003-06-17 cantorMoved docs to doc folder.