Prototype per-request global (thread local) object
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2004-05-20 cantorAdded additional warning about security.
2004-05-20 cantorI screwed up the commands I sent to Nate.
2004-05-20 ndkMany many fixes and new object class and CA text.
2004-05-19 ndkUpdates to 1.2; new information requirements, configura...
2003-10-02 ndkChanged shib-support to inqueue-support.
2003-09-22 ndkAdded information about ca-bundle.crt for origins.
2003-09-02 ndkSoftens language in 2.1 for Ken.
2003-08-04 wassaUpdated revision number and date.
2003-07-31 wassaLatest changes from Steven.
2003-06-19 wassaRev.
2003-06-18 wassaMany changes.
2003-06-17 wassaAdded InQueue federation config guide.