Support SHIRE function as part of the Filter
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2004-06-28 ndkAdds info about Coyote/JK2 and Tomcat 5.
2004-05-03 ndkGreat suggestions from Steven and Walter.
2004-04-27 ndk<AnyResource/> no longer needed in ARP's for 1.2 target...
2004-04-27 ndk<AnyTarget/> no longer needed in ARP's for 1.2 targets.
2004-04-27 cantorRevised 1.e-1.g in concepts section of both docs.
2004-04-27 cantorMailing list correction
2004-04-26 cantorFixed some entries, corrected mailing list and FAQ...
2004-04-26 ndkHopefully nearly final for 1.2; many fixes, corrections...
2004-04-20 ndkCompliance & typo fixes.
2004-04-20 ndkDocuments metadatatool and includes a couple other...
2004-04-16 ndkCorrects an inaccuracy in the mechanics of ARP specific...
2004-04-14 ndkIncorporates Walter's suggestions, a complete origin...
2004-03-18 ndkFirst 1.2 edition represents a complete rewrite and...
2003-12-08 ndkSmall changes & fixes suggested by users.
2003-07-31 wassaMinor validation fix.
2003-07-31 wassaHTML Validation fixes to origin deploy guide.
2003-07-31 wassaMinor fixes from Steven.
2003-07-31 wassaCopied from /c/doc/.
2003-07-31 wassaCopied from /c/doc/.
2003-07-31 wassaCopied deploy guides from /c/doc/.
2003-06-19 wassaImplemented Bob's latest suggestions.
2003-06-19 wassaMore documentation fixes from Steven.
2003-06-18 cantorChanged attribute names, minor fixes.
2003-06-18 cantorMoved to doc folders