Fixed logic bug in JDBC Data Connector.
[java-idp.git] / custom /
2005-07-11 wassaLine wrapping for warning messages.
2005-07-11 wassaNever overwrite extension configs. Pull extension...
2005-07-11 wassaSeparate subdirectories for extension configuration...
2005-07-11 wassaDon't ever overwrite pre-existin module configuration.
2005-07-11 lajoieAdded bin, src-conf, and repurposed etc directory
2005-07-09 lajoieShortened up test for property
2005-07-09 wassaMake extension script a little more friendly. It will...
2005-07-09 lajoieAdded note about duplicate web resources
2005-07-08 lajoieCorrected various bugs that caused the build to break
2005-07-07 lajoieCorrected minor fileset bugs
2005-07-06 lajoieCorrected variable name for extension's webpage directory
2005-07-06 lajoieMade source directory optional as well
2005-07-06 lajoieRemove old instructions
2005-07-06 lajoieInitial code for building custom extensions
2005-05-19 wassa*** empty log message ***