Started to add support for RSA raw encrypted keys.
[java-idp.git] / build.xml
2003-08-20 cantorAdded Tomcat tasks.
2003-07-29 cantorAdded target to generate salt key
2003-06-17 cantorFixed doc variable.
2003-05-28 wassaForce endorsement for tests.
2003-04-16 wassaAdded attribute resolver tests to ant configuration.
2003-03-04 wassaDon't automatically generate a secret key on dist build.
2003-02-26 wassaA few build file cleanups.
2003-02-26 wassaConverted test structure to be the same as OpenSAML...
2003-02-24 wassaAdded generation of secret for Cyprto Handle to ant...
2003-02-22 wassaAdded explicit root directory for junit thread.
2003-02-22 wassaFail build when problems are encountered.
2003-02-22 wassaCopy conf files into distribution.
2002-12-20 wassaAdded ARP tests to build process.
2002-12-04 cantorRenamed origin build to shibboleth.war (consistent...
2002-11-06 wassaMoved util jar to /lib so that /bin/scripts can use...
2002-11-06 wassaBuild cleanups. Removed targets for old "shib target...
2002-06-24 wassaAdded ArpUtil scripting.
2002-06-24 cantor*** empty log message ***
2002-06-20 wassaTesting.
2002-06-17 cantorAdded javadoc target
2002-06-12 doustiIncluded aaLocal in the build
2002-06-11 wassaAdded pre-checking target to build configuration.
2002-06-11 wassaUpdated for new targets.
2002-06-11 wassaBacked out "common" targets.
2002-06-11 cantorFixed some targets
2002-06-08 cantorAdded "common" targets for shibboleth.jar
2002-06-07 wassaModified build configuration to exclude local AA files.
2002-06-07 wassaAdded copying of "schemas" directory.
2002-06-06 wassa*** empty log message ***
2002-06-04 wassaFixed up the build file. Better commenting. More...
2002-06-04 wassaAdded a Junit test target to buildfile
2002-06-03 wassa*** empty log message ***
2002-05-29 wassaImporting WAYF code
2002-05-28 wassa*** empty log message ***
2002-05-28 wassaImporting Handle Service code.