Set communication profile before decoding
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2008-01-18 lajoieAdd bouncry castle to ant lib path, it's needed for...
2008-01-17 lajoieLatest jar without debug output
2008-01-17 lajoieNew IdP install process
2007-11-06 lajoieUpdate to 2.0.7 release of Spring, contains bug fix...
2007-06-13 putmanbDoh, don't need this, already there due to java-shib...
2007-06-13 putmanbAdd Spring core jar, has dependencies needed by Spring...
2007-05-29 lajoieMissed a couple files on last checkin
2007-02-16 dfisherWrong project.
2007-02-16 dfisherNeeded for Ldap connection pooling.
2007-02-11 lajoieFix up library versions and classpath
2006-12-06 lajoieAdded checkstyle
2006-11-16 lajoieMove to using code and libs in shib-common
2006-11-09 lajoieOrganize libraries
2006-11-09 lajoieOrganize libraries, remove old ones