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ownerMarton Ivan
last changeTue, 1 Feb 2011 16:29:34 +0000 (17:29 +0100)
2011-02-01 Tamas Jungfixed blob problem master
2011-02-01 Zsombor Nagyfixing jsdl dump
2011-02-01 Zsombor Nagywrite JSDL into file .job.jsdl
2011-02-01 Zsombor Nagywithout Shibboleth, everybody can come in
2011-02-01 Zsombor NagyMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2011-02-01 Zsombor Nagyfixed wrong migration files
2011-01-31 Tamas Jungfixed canont change launch name bug
2011-01-30 Tamas Jungfixed joblist and added new filter feature
2011-01-29 Tamas Jungfixed filter_parser
2011-01-29 Tamas Jungone word default search
2011-01-28 Tamas Junginput_partial_markup radio button and field
2011-01-28 Tamas Jungunused create_temp is commented out
2011-01-28 Tamas Jungfixed editable/non-editable distinction
2011-01-28 Tamas Jungfixed unique launch name bug
2011-01-27 Tamas Jungclean up config
2011-01-27 Tamas Jungclean up
10 years ago master