2011-02-01 Tamas Jungfixed blob problem master
2011-02-01 Zsombor Nagyfixing jsdl dump
2011-02-01 Zsombor Nagywrite JSDL into file .job.jsdl
2011-02-01 Zsombor Nagywithout Shibboleth, everybody can come in
2011-02-01 Zsombor NagyMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2011-02-01 Zsombor Nagyfixed wrong migration files
2011-01-31 Tamas Jungfixed canont change launch name bug
2011-01-30 Tamas Jungfixed joblist and added new filter feature
2011-01-29 Tamas Jungfixed filter_parser
2011-01-29 Tamas Jungone word default search
2011-01-28 Tamas Junginput_partial_markup radio button and field
2011-01-28 Tamas Jungunused create_temp is commented out
2011-01-28 Tamas Jungfixed editable/non-editable distinction
2011-01-28 Tamas Jungfixed unique launch name bug
2011-01-27 Tamas Jungclean up config
2011-01-27 Tamas Jungclean up
2011-01-27 Tamas Jungjob.stable? fixed
2011-01-27 Tamas Jungabilitiy clean up, application_file save fixed
2011-01-26 Tamas Jungclean up
2011-01-26 Tamas Jungsimplified flash
2011-01-26 Tamas JungnoEnterKey
2011-01-25 Tamas Jungfixed person destroy
2011-01-25 Tamas Jungfixed nickname presence
2011-01-25 Tamas Jungfixed extra space in autocomplete
2011-01-25 Tamas Jungfixed subapps list
2011-01-25 Tamas Jungclean up
2011-01-25 Tamas Jungauthorization changes2
2011-01-25 Tamas Jungauthorization changes
2011-01-24 Tamas Jungowned account link
2011-01-24 Tamas Jungcleaned people auth columns
2011-01-22 Tamas Jungonly shibboleth
2011-01-21 Tamas Jungjob fixes
2011-01-21 Tamas Jungnetwork error
2011-01-20 Tamas Jungfixed remote_state at job restart
2011-01-20 Tamas Jungfixed launch status at job restart
2011-01-20 Tamas Jungexit status fixed
2011-01-19 Tamas Jungshortcut condition fixed
2011-01-19 Tamas Jungfade quicker
2011-01-19 Tamas Jungfixed subapp link
2011-01-18 Tamas Jungfixed emtpty shortcut
2011-01-18 Tamas Jungload input_partials
2011-01-18 Tamas Jungsubapp and application_file changes
2011-01-18 Tamas Jungfixed parse error
2011-01-18 Tamas Jungnickname
2011-01-18 Tamas Jungfixed set_value
2011-01-18 Tamas Jungshortcuts fixed selector
2011-01-18 Tamas Jungshortcuts
2011-01-17 Tamas Jungfixed nil.to_s
2011-01-17 Tamas Jungminor changes
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungrefresher logging2
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungrefresher logging
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungbackdoor fix
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungfixed name
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungadded missing refresher
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungfixed delayed_job boot2
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungrefresher, fixed delayed_job boot
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungexperimental4
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungexperimental3
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungexperiments3
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungexperiments2
2011-01-16 Tamas Jungexperiments
2011-01-14 Tamas Jungapplication file changes, name uniqueness validation...
2011-01-13 Tamas Jungremote state detail
2011-01-13 Tamas JungMerge branch 'master' into dev
2011-01-13 Tamas Jungadd job remote status
2011-01-13 Tamas Junglot of small changes
2011-01-11 Tamas Jungclone instead of destroy
2011-01-11 Tamas JungMerge branch 'dev'
2011-01-11 Tamas Jungstyle fixes
2011-01-11 Tamas JungMerge branch 'dev'
2011-01-11 Tamas Jungonline documentations
2011-01-10 Tamas Jungsubapps and person fixes
2011-01-09 Tamas Jungkill during save, sync with c api
2011-01-04 Tamas Jungremote job links, minor changes
2010-12-24 Tamas Jungthe cause of unsolved problem in ability commented out
2010-12-23 Tamas Jungbroadcast turned off saved
2010-12-23 Tamas Jungright management, broadcast is turned off
2010-12-16 Tamas Jungpeople select
2010-12-16 Tamas Jungcancan settings
2010-12-15 Tamas Jungstyle, logging experiments
2010-12-15 Tamas Jungnickname for_remote users
2010-12-15 Tamas Jungdestroy checkings are done
2010-12-15 Tamas Jungstyle and destroy tests
2010-12-14 Tamas Jungfixed production incompatibility3
2010-12-14 Tamas Jungtry to bring back delayed jobs stat
2010-12-14 Tamas Jungfixed production incompatibility2
2010-12-14 Tamas Jungstats, search field style, other fixes
2010-12-13 Tamas Jungfocus settings
2010-12-13 Tamas Jungsearch style
2010-12-13 Tamas Jungsearch field style modified
2010-12-13 Tamas Jungserial_name
2010-12-13 Tamas Jungshib logout
2010-12-13 Tamas Jungdisplay_name instead of login in select lists
2010-12-13 Tamas Jungmigrations again
2010-12-13 Tamas Jungshibboleth login
2010-12-12 Tamas Jungprefernce, indices, nickname
2010-12-11 Tamas Jungindices
2010-12-11 Tamas Jungndsch finished
2010-12-11 Tamas Jungminor fixes
2010-12-11 Tamas Jungfile references