Trying to fix segfault.
[gp-arc-client-c.git] / ext /
2011-11-08 Zsombor NagyTrying to fix segfault.
2011-11-08 Zsombor NagyMore changes to adapt to ARC 1.0.1
2011-11-08 Zsombor Nagyadopt to arc1.0.1
2011-01-28 Tamas Jungdelete false licenses2
2011-01-28 Tamas Jungdelete false licenses
2011-01-07 Tamas Jungnative functions result is not struct anymore
2011-01-07 Tamas Jungstat without struct
2011-01-07 Tamas Jungkill implementation fixed
2011-01-05 Tamas Jungstill no jobs error
2011-01-04 Tamas Jungkill added
2010-11-19 Tamas Jungno dir_config
2010-11-19 Tamas Jungconfigurable dir
2010-11-15 Tamas Jungconfig.h clean up
2010-11-11 Tamas Jungstdlib, string.h for linux compile2
2010-11-11 Tamas Jungstdlib, string.h for linux compile
2010-11-11 Tamas Jungmodified include places
2010-11-11 Tamas Jungworks as gem
2010-11-10 Tamas Junglibpath simplified
2010-11-10 Tamas Jungmodified dir struct