descriptionARC Management service and client development
ownerPintér Tamás
last changeMon, 13 Dec 2010 14:33:28 +0000 (15:33 +0100)
2010-12-13 Tamas PinterAdding ARC_MGMT_URL variable support master
2010-12-13 Tamas PinterRevert "Adding ARC_MGMT_URL variable support"
2010-12-13 Tamas PinterAdding ARC_MGMT_URL variable support
2010-11-22 Tamas PinterAdding service interface WSDL specification
2010-11-19 Tamas PinterMinimal fixing in arcmgmt man page
2010-11-19 Tamas PinterFixing client conf usage
2010-11-18 Tamas PinterPrint the request message in arcmgmt in DEBUG mode
2010-11-18 Tamas PinterAltering the MaxNumberOfMessages configuration option...
2010-11-18 Tamas PinterAdding service configuration schema
2010-11-18 Tamas PinterAdding man file for the arcmgmt client
2010-11-18 Tamas PinterMake client conf file configurable
2010-11-18 Tamas PinterAdding some more help text for the client
2010-11-18 Tamas PinterRemove reloadFramework from the interface
2010-11-13 Tamas PinterImplementing addElement interface
2010-11-13 Tamas PinterAdding completition to option less features of arcmgmt
2010-11-13 Tamas PinterAdding base things to addElement and reloadFramework...
10 years ago master